Unveiling the Truth Behind Live Good and the Last MLM You’ll Ever Join

From Live Good to a New Era: The Unprecedented Network Marketing Opportunity You’ve Been Waiting For

In the world of network marketing, making the right decisions for your future can be challenging. There’s a multitude of opportunities out there, each promising incredible success. But how do you separate fact from hype? In this candid video, Dale Calvert addresses the pressing questions surrounding LiveGood, providing insights that every aspiring network marketer should consider. Let’s delve into the three critical questions and explore the possibilities beyond LiveGood.

Question 1: What’s Driving the Business?

Question 2: What Are the Risks Involved?

Question 3: Do You Want to Start Over?

Building a network marketing business is an investment in time, energy, and personal growth. The uncertainty surrounding LiveGood’s future poses a significant dilemma – do you want to start over if things go south? As an experienced network marketer, Dale stresses the importance of aligning with a company that has long-term potential, a company that isn’t a mere short-term money grab.

A Viable Alternative: Enter the World of Collect Direct

If the risks and uncertainties surrounding LiveGood leave you uneasy, there is a remarkable alternative with immense potential – Collect Direct. Unlike consumable product companies, Collect Direct enters an existing market that already exceeds the combined volume of all network marketing companies worldwide.

Collectibles hold the key to success, as passionate collectors constantly seek to expand their collections. The allure of Collect Direct lies in tapping into this massive and pre-existing market, without the need to convince consumers to change brands. With Collect Direct, you’re offering collectors exactly what they desire, a treasure trove to explore and expand their collections.


In the world of network marketing, making the right decisions can shape your future and determine the quality of your life. It’s essential to ask the right questions and assess the long-term potential of any business venture. LiveGood may have its appeal, but the underlying risks and uncertainties should not be overlooked.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Evaluate the facts, consider the long-term potential, and decide which path leads to your network marketing success. Remember, success is not about finding the perfect opportunity; it’s about making the right decision based on truth and foresight.






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