Unveiling Global Click 2.0: A Leap into the Future of Social Networking

Greetings, Global Click Enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for an exciting announcement that will transform your social media experience. Global Click is set to undergo a revolutionary upgrade, introducing Global Click 2.0 – a platform designed to elevate your online interactions to unprecedented heights.

A Sneak Peek into Global Click 2.0’s Anticipated Enhancements

In our unwavering commitment to excellence, the Global Click team is embarking on a journey to bring you a more refined and feature-packed platform. Over the next two weeks, we will be diligently working on these enhancements, and during this period, the system will not deduct the periodic fee of US$10 from your wallets. For those with prepaid periodic fees, fret not – the equivalent amount will be credited to your e-wallet.

Free Access for Everyone: MyPlatform Review for Pre-Enrollees

As part of Global Click 2.0’s grand unveiling, free members (pre-enrollees) will enjoy exclusive access to the MyPlatform for seven days, strictly for review purposes. This sneak peek allows users to explore the enhanced features and get a taste of the exciting changes coming their way.

Upgrade Module: Choose Your Path to Success

Global Click 2.0 introduces an Upgrade Module, giving pre-enrollees the option to elevate their experience with two phenomenal plans: Basic Member and Pro Member.

Basic Member (US$60.00 per annum):

  • Access to the MyPlatform for one year
  • Active status for one year
  • Eligibility to earn passive matrix commission and direct referrer commission per the current commission plan
  • Activity point conversion to CLICK at 10:1
  • Timeline posting – one post a day

Pro Member (US$60.00 per annum and a periodic US$10*):

  • Access to the MyPlatform for one year
  • Active status for one year
  • Eligibility to earn passive matrix commission, direct referrer commission, active-matrix commission, and mega matching bonus per the current commission plan
  • Activity point conversion to CLICK at 1:1
  • Timeline posting – three postings a day

*Note: Failure to pay the periodic $10 will result in losing your position in the Active Matrix. Upon payment, a new position will be assigned under existing members.

Membership Benefits for All

For all currently paid members, whether active or inactive, Global Click 2.0 grants a new 52-week active period. This means more time to explore the enhanced features and reap the benefits of being a Global Click member.

Claim Your CLICK Tokens: Profile Curation and KYC Verification

To participate in the CLICK Token airdrop, all members must curate their profiles and undergo Know Your Customer (KYC) verification. This ensures a secure and genuine community, aligning with Global Click’s commitment to providing a safe online environment.

Rank Promotion and No Demotion

Global Click 2.0 introduces a no-demotion policy within the one-year membership. Members can climb the ranks without the fear of demotion, adding an exciting layer to the platform’s dynamics.

Mark Your Calendar: First Commission Run on 4th February 2024

The anticipation builds as Global Click 2.0 gears up for its first commission run under the enhanced features on 4th February 2024. Get ready to see the results of your active participation in this groundbreaking social media platform.

Your Continued Support Drives Our Innovation

As we embark on this journey towards Global Click 2.0, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to making Global Click not just a platform but a community where success knows no bounds.

Warm Regards. https://endless.cash/global






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