Unlocking Your Future Wealth: Join Digital Shopping Mall’s Founding Membership for Free and Claim Your $20,000 Digital Shopping Points (DSPs)

Are you ready to embark on a revolutionary journey that not only rewards you generously but also shapes the future of online shopping? Digital Shopping Mall (DSM) is thrilled to announce the opening of its Founding Membership to the general public, offering an exclusive chance to secure 1 Digital Shopping Point (DSP) equivalent to $20,000 – absolutely free!

What is DSM’s Founding Membership?

DSM is not just another online marketplace; it’s a digital revolution that puts the power of wealth creation in your hands. As a Founding Member, you not only receive a substantial DSP for free but also unlock a plethora of opportunities that redefine the way you engage with online shopping.

How to Become a Founding Member?

Joining DSM’s Founding Membership is a straightforward process. Simply visit this link to register for free today. The clock is ticking, and this exclusive offer is available until 1 billion DSPs are distributed in this airdrop.

Rewards Beyond Your Imagination

As a Founding Member, you become a part of a unique ecosystem that rewards you in multiple ways:

  1. DSPs for Verification and Referrals: Receive 1 DSP for your own verification and for each verified business partner you invite, up to 10 levels deep. Your network-building efforts are now more rewarding than ever.
  2. Revenue Sharing and Shareholding: Share 10% of DSM’s monthly revenues and 20% of the shareholding in DSM’s subsidiary companies globally. Your share is proportionate to your Founding Membership ratio.
  3. Founding Membership Ratio: Your ratio is calculated by dividing your verified referrals and deemed verified referrals earned through DSP purchases into the global verified member base. Track your ratio in real-time on your Profile page.
  4. Exclusive Recommendations: Founding Members can recommend up to 5 products and 5 services per year, while DSM Early Founding Members (EFMs) enjoy unlimited recommendations. Your influence in shaping DSM’s marketplace is unparalleled.

Unleash Your Earning Potential with DSM EFMs

For Early Founding Members, every dollar spent on purchasing DSPs is considered as 10 verified referrals, significantly boosting their Founding Membership ratio. With unlimited product and service recommendations, DSM EFMs have an edge in earning more commissions.

Recommendation Commissions in DSPs

Founding Members can earn recommendation commissions in DSPs for every deal recommended and approved for inclusion on DSM, capped at $100,000 per deal. Your sponsors also benefit from affiliate recommendation commissions when you earn yours.

Act Fast – Limited Opportunities

Founding Membership opportunities are available until 1 billion DSPs are distributed. Don’t miss out on this chance to reshape your financial future and be a pioneer in the future of online shopping.

Join DSM’s Founding Membership Today!

Click here to sign up for free and claim your Founding Membership with 1 free DSP. As a Founding Member, you’re not just a participant; you’re a stakeholder in the digital shopping revolution.

Anticipating the Future with DSM

The value of DSPs is set to soar, with a minimum value of $20,000 when the DSM Shopping software launches in the next two years. Secure your future wealth by becoming a Founding Member today and be at the forefront of the digital shopping revolution with DSM.






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