The Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS): The Ultimate Solution For Crypto Traders

AAS, also known as “The Ponzi Killer,” is a blockchain-based arbitrage trading system that is designed to help users profit from buying low in one market and selling high in another market. The system is fully automated and uses artificial intelligence to constantly scan the market and identify the best arbitrage trade opportunities. This means that users do not need to have any special trading skills or experience to use it.

The AAS system is designed to run on automation using various APIs. It does not require human intervention or clicking to trade at intervals, nor does it cause sleepless nights. The system constantly scans various connected exchanges using Super Artificial Intelligence (SAI) to spot the best arbitrage trade opportunities. It performs the arbitrage trade within a minute using a high-frequency trade (HFT) module. This means that users can sit back and relax while the system does all the work for them.

AAS makes a profit, converts it to USDT, and returns the same to the liquidity pool in Binance. It is programmed to do up to 21 trades in a day, which is possible because the system uses artificial intelligence (SAI) to constantly scan the market for the best possible trade opportunity before making a trade. Therefore, the possibility of losses in AAS ASI/HFT arbitrage trading is very low.

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, arbitrage trading can be done between different exchanges like Binance, Okx, MEXC, Kucoin, Houbi, and Coinbase, among others. For example, a coin can be sold on Binance for a lower amount while selling in Houbi for a higher amount. If you can buy from Binance and sell at Houbi, you will make a profit. As long as a coin is quoted or listed on an exchange, it can be bought or sold (exchanged) instantly.






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