Revolutionize Your Network Marketing Strategy with LiveGood’s Unique Business Model

As someone who has been involved in the network marketing industry for 27 years, the author knows how difficult it can be to keep people active in tangible product companies. The reason for this is simple: to pay 50-60% back to the field in commissions, the price of the products sold by these companies is usually inflated. To qualify for commissions, affiliates often have to purchase overpriced products, and the higher the rank, the more products they have to buy.

When the author saw the LiveGood business model, they got excited because they thought it might solve the retention problem that has plagued the product-based residual business for years. LiveGood markets a low-cost $9.95 membership or buyers club for its products. The company does not make commissions when an affiliate purchases products; it is paid commissions when they pay their $9.95 monthly membership. This allows LiveGood to sell its products at prices that are 70-75% less than traditional network marketing companies and even lower than most brick and mortar health and wellness companies.

In addition, affiliates are never required to purchase products, and they only buy products when or if they need them. This business model is working because LiveGood is selling a ton of products not because affiliates have to purchase, but because of their competitive prices.

The author is in network marketing to earn extra income, and LiveGood ticks all the boxes on their list of requirements. They prefer a personal forced matrix, matching commissions, and the way LiveGood does the matching pay blows all other matching pay out of the water for people who rank up. If you want to make more money in LiveGood, put in the work to get to Gold, Platinum, or higher because it greatly increases your monthly and weekly pay.

Affordability is also important to the author, and the lower the price point to join and remain active, the more people they can refer into the business. At $9.95 per month, everyone should be able to afford to join and stay active.

Some people criticize LiveGood and make fun of the business because affiliates only earn $0.25 per person in their matrix, but they have no clue how the matching pay works at LiveGood. The author doesn’t look at the dollar amount a business pays out but looks at the percentage, and LiveGood is giving back around 80%.

Finally, the author looks for a business that is global, and LiveGood is just that. With the company accepting credit cards and crypto, it provides a global opportunity for everyone.






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