Get Rich With Uno-Bitcoin: Earn Bitcoin Donations From Referrals And Spillovers 27/7

In the Uno-Bitcoin matrix, each level has a different payout structure, and users earn a portion of the Bitcoin paid by their referrals. For example, on level 1, a user’s direct referral gives them 0.0001 Bitcoin, and they must give 0.0002 Bitcoin to their referrer, 0.001 Bitcoin to their referrer’s referrer, 0.002 Bitcoin to their referrer’s referrer’s referrer, and 0.004 Bitcoin to their referrer’s referrer’s referrer’s referrer.

The same process is followed for levels 2 through 5, with the payouts and donations increasing at each level. Users can have an unlimited number of people on their first level, and spill-overs occur when a user’s referrals have already paid the required donations to someone else in their upline. The system ensures that each user receives the donations they are owed before spill-overs occur.

Additionally, there is a time limit for users to upgrade to each level. If a user’s 48-hour timer to upgrade to level 1 expires, their account will be deleted. This is to ensure that the system is continually being refreshed with active users who are contributing to the Bitcoin payouts.






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