Earn Income and Build Communities as a Transact Card Digital Branch Owner

Enroll Now and Earn Z Bucks: Transact Card’s Membership Options Explained
  1. Private and Secure Banking Platform: Transact Card provides its members with a secure banking platform that is FDIC insured. Members have access to a checking account and a Visa debit bank card, ensuring the safety of their funds.
  2. Double Buying Power with Z Club: By using the Transact Card for purchases, members earn Z Bucks, which can be used in the members-only Shopping Club. This feature allows members to access affordable everyday products, services, and travel options.
  3. Opportunity to be a Digital Branch Owner: Transact Card offers members the opportunity to become digital branch office (DBO) owners. As DBOs, they can earn income from transactions made within their network and grow their Transact Card communities.

Enrollment Options: Currently, there are two enrollment options available:

  1. Transact Card Membership: Members pay a one-time activation fee of $25. They gain access to all banking and Z Club benefits and will soon have the opportunity to earn 500 Z Bucks for referring other Transact Card members. Renewing the Transact Card also grants an additional 500 Z Bucks.
  2. Digital Branch Office (DBO): DBOs pay a one-time fee of $495 and enjoy the same banking and Z Club benefits as regular members. They are exempt from the $25 access fee. Additionally, there is a $150 monthly franchise fee that can be converted to 1% of transactions once it takes effect in November 2023.

Income Disclosure: It is essential to note that individual results may vary in any business, including Transact Card. Success depends on an individual’s capacity, experience, expertise, and level of commitment. The income examples provided are hypothetical and intended to illustrate potential income. DBOs are prohibited from making income promises, guarantees, or offering incentives.

Compensation System Overview: Here are key points about the Transact Card compensation system:

  • 10-Level Unlimited Unilevel Structure: The system allows for up to 10 levels of commissions with no compression, meaning all levels are eligible for commissions.
  • Fixed Payout Commission Plan: Commissions are allocated to a separate account, ensuring timely payment.
  • Customer Acquisition Focus: Income is generated primarily through customer enrollment and card usage.
  • Corporate Match Program: DBOs who join during the pre-launch period can participate in the matching program. Corporate matches TCMS (Transact Card Members) enrolled by DBOs at specific ratios, based on their level.

Steps to Grow Your Digital Branch Office Community: To build a thriving digital branch office community, follow these three steps:

  1. Become a DBO: Pay the $495 fee to become a DBO and gain access to the compensation plan. A $150 monthly franchise fee will apply from November 2023 onwards.
  2. Sponsor Three TCMS: Enroll and activate three TCMS to become Commission Qualified (CQ). CQ status is required to earn commissions. During the pre-launch, only one CQ TCM is necessary.
  3. Sponsor Three DBOs: When you sponsor three DBOs, you become a manager. As a manager, you earn a one-time $500 Manager Development Rebate once those DBOs achieve CQ status. This step unlocks the sixth level of Branch Community commissions. https://freezbucks.com/






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