Collect Direct: The Unbelievable Birth of a Revolutionary Opportunity in Network Marketing

From Decline to Destiny: Collect Direct’s Game-Changing Opportunity in Network Marketing

Good morning, readers! This is Dale Calvert, and today, on August 1st, 2023, I am beyond fired up to share with you the birth of a groundbreaking and one-of-a-kind opportunity in the history of team building. It’s called Collect Direct, and let me tell you, nothing comes close to it! This is a revolutionary concept that has the potential to reshape the network marketing industry entirely.

The Downhill Spiral of Consumable Products in Network Marketing

Customers are burnt out on traditional network marketing tactics, and many are turning to alternative sources to buy their products. The opportunity in consumable products has dwindled, and it’s time to recognize that it’s gone forever. The key to success lies in pivoting and embracing a new and exciting trend.

Introducing Collect Direct – The Vision and Opportunity

Now, let me introduce you to Collect Direct, a company that has redefined the network marketing landscape. Dave Jordan, the mastermind behind Collect Direct, envisioned creating a product-driven company centered around collectibles. Collectibles are an asset, and this opens up a whole new market that is worth a staggering $450 billion annually—bigger than the entire network marketing industry combined!

Why Collect Direct is Different

  1. Product as an Asset: Collectibles increase in value, making them an exciting and valuable product for customers.
  2. Huge Market: With a $450 billion market, Collect Direct has a massive and virtually untapped customer base.
  3. No Competition: Collect Direct’s approach is one-of-a-kind, ensuring no competition in the market.
  4. Simplified Customer Acquisition: Collectors are everywhere, and they are eager to add to their collections.
  5. Product-Based Commissions: All commissions in Collect Direct are based on product sales, ensuring a sustainable business model.

The Visionary Team Behind Collect Direct

Collect Direct’s visionary founder, Dave Jordan, is no stranger to success. Having made over a million dollars buying and selling sports cards, he saw the potential to create a network marketing company based on collectibles. The team also boasts sports legends like Todd Zeile, Matt Williams, Wally Joyner, Willie Gault, Ickey Woods, Corey Snyder, and Goose Gossage, who are part of the Collect Direct family.

How to Get Started with Collect Direct


Today marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey with Collect Direct. If you’re seeking a fresh and thrilling opportunity to build your network marketing business and want to be part of something revolutionary, then this is the time to act. Real leaders pivot and embrace change, and Collect Direct is the change you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Take the leap, do your due diligence, and join the Collect Direct family to witness the birth of a historic and game-changing company. Let’s pave the way to success together and make a lasting impact on the world of network marketing. Remember, “If people want what you’re selling, you’ll get rich.” So, let’s embark on this incredible journey and make it a success story that will be remembered for generations to come.






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