Claim Free Instant $2 Crypto Airdrop to Your Trust Wallet: Step-by-Step Guide for Massive Earnings!

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  1. Sign Up: Click on the link in the description or on our Telegram group to access the airdrop page. Sign up by providing your valid email address, creating a password, and entering the CAPTCHA code. You’ll also find our invite code in the link for verification.
  2. Log In and Claim: Once your account is set up, log in to see that you’ve received $2 worth of Cattley tokens. To complete the claim, click on the “Claim” button. To ensure you’re a Binance user, you’ll need to enter your Binance USDT BEP20 wallet address.
  3. Verification: will send a random amount of USDT to your Binance wallet. Check your Binance application and enter the exact amount received in the verification section on This confirms your claim, and you’ll receive 500 Cattley tokens!

Staking Your Catly Tokens for Additional Earnings

After claiming your airdrop, you’ll automatically receive 500 Cattley tokens in your balance. To earn more profits, you can stake your tokens with Here’s how:

  1. Start Staking: Once you have your tokens, click on the “Stake” button. offers a daily reward of 3% for staking, which means you’ll receive 15 Catly tokens every day for 15 days.
  2. Wait for Profits: Over the 15-day period, you’ll accumulate profits from the daily rewards. After the staking period is complete, you can withdraw your profits and initial tokens to your Binance wallet without any hassle.

Why Choose

  1. Easy and Free: Claiming the airdrop and staking your tokens require no investment. It’s a simple process to follow, making it accessible to everyone.
  2. Daily Profits: Staking your tokens with guarantees daily rewards for 15 days, providing you with a steady stream of earnings.
  3. Authenticity: Many users have already reported successful withdrawals and profits from the platform, proving its legitimacy.
  4. Long-term Potential: With continuing its roadmap and approaching listing on coin markets, the value of Catly tokens may increase, offering potential long-term gains.







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