Beyond Infinity: Your Path to Financial Freedom and Retirement Income

In a world where financial relief is in high demand, Beyond Infinity emerges as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking to create wealth, protect it, and secure a stable future. Whether you wish to passively earn income or actively build a Beyond Infinity business, this one-level affiliate platform offers a unique opportunity for all. This article delves into the depths of Beyond Infinity, its incredible features, and how it can help you achieve your financial goals for years to come.

1. Understanding Beyond Infinity

The foundation of Beyond Infinity lies in empowering individuals to become financially free, thereby setting them on a path of prosperity and security. The platform aims to create a global community where members can learn, grow, and achieve their desired financial outcomes.

2. Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) Account

Upon purchasing the product, members are rewarded with a Beyond Infinity Gold (BIG) account, enabling them to earn passive income every week. The BIG account operates on a compounding model, offering returns between 3% to 5% weekly. Members can monitor their BIG account by accessing the Programs section on the platform.

80% of each deposit made goes into the BIG Balance, from which weekly Profit Share Earnings are derived. Once the combined value of the BIG Balance and Earned Profits exceeds the Compounding Cap, automatic withdrawals are initiated to the Internal Wallet, allowing members to utilize the funds as they wish, including withdrawal.

3. Becoming a BIG Ambassador (BA)

By becoming a BIG Ambassador, members receive a separate link to invite individuals to join the Benefactor’s Pool for free. Qualified applicants for the Benefactor’s Pool are required to have their own Beyond Infinity account and a Telegram verification. The pool aims to support those who wish to build a Beyond Infinity business but may need some assistance to get started.

As a BIG Ambassador, you earn BA Rewards for every five qualified individuals who join the Benefactor’s Pool through your link and receive a Pay It Forward (PIF). The reward amounts to $50, which can either be deposited into your BIG account, boosting your BIG Balance growth, or contribute $25 to the BIG Auto Club for 25 Auto Club points towards a marketing campaign and the chance to win a brand new vehicle in approximately a year.

4. The Benefactor’s Pool

Members who register in the Benefactor’s Pool and become Telegram verified can receive Pay It Forward (PIF) sponsorships from other members or the company. This creates a supportive ecosystem within Beyond Infinity, allowing individuals to grow their organization without actively referring external parties.

5. BIG Auto Club

6. The Infinity Plan and HPL Income

To actively earn more income, members can personally refer new individuals to their organization. Each referral results in a $40 commission and a 10% Match on the BIG account earnings of the new member. The initial commissions from the first two or three personal referrals fill the Infinity Reserve Account, making the member a paid member in the Infinity Plan and covering the cost of the first Honey Production Line (HPL – I).

As personal referrals bring in their own referrals, they follow their sponsor into the Infinity Plan, leading to Coded Commissions and Matching Bonuses. The sponsor also begins to receive HPL income when their referrals secure their second personal referral.







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