Afriq Arbitrage Systems (AAS): Bouncing Back Stronger Than Ever

But remember, although you can access your back office, exercise patience and wait for further updates before taking any action. Now, let’s dive into the details!

AAS: The Road to Recovery: It’s been a journey filled with ups and downs, but AAS is determined to come back stronger than ever. As the recent announcement from AAS’s management reveals, the system has been compromised by hackers involved in financial crimes, data theft, and fraudulent takeovers of online financial platforms. However, take solace in the fact that the culprits have been caught and will face justice.

The management team of AAS is deeply apologetic for the harrowing experiences that the community has endured. But there’s good news – a brand new and improved system is being built to replace the infiltrated and hacked one. All necessary changes to ensure the security of the new system are being perfected.

Jesam Michael, the CEO of AAS, emphasizes the importance of patience during this critical phase. While you can access your back office and review your accounts, it is crucial not to engage in any activities such as referring people, making deposits or withdrawals, or modifying your account settings. Waiting for further updates is crucial to ensure a smooth and seamless transition into the new system.

Staying Informed and Avoiding Scams: To stay informed about the latest developments and updates, head over to AAS’s official social media pages. You can find links to their Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube accounts in their Linktree link provided in the descriptions. Justin Michael himself has released a video on the platforms, where he shares the entire story of how AAS reached this point.

It’s important to exercise caution during this time, as scammers often take advantage of such situations. Beware of any random links, groups, or platforms that claim to be affiliated with AAS. Jesam Michael and the AAS admin team do not operate any escrow groups or request personal information. Stay vigilant and avoid falling victim to scams.

Conclusion: AAS is on the path to recovery and coming back stronger than ever. Despite the setbacks caused by hackers, the management team is working tirelessly to build a new and secure system for traders. Remember to exercise patience and await further updates before taking any action.






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