Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS) is a Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Trading System

Arbitrage trading in cryptocurrency means trading across different crypto exchanges and it involves no risk almost.

For example:
You may be able to buy BTC or any cryptocurrency at $20k on the Binance exchange while you can sell it off on another exchange like Coinbase or Hotbit etc at $21k.

Taking advantage of these price differences from exchange to exchange is called crypto arbitrage trading.

Therefore, even if you get on board with just as little as $20, your investment fund will add up to the general trading pool of the Afriq Arbitrage trade system which has the ability to buy and sell across various exchanges in splits of seconds or minutes to make profits daily and distribute both the profit and capital of members back to their individual accounts or dashboards or back office.

It gives a little time off to allow those who want to place withdrawals of either your capital or profits or both to do so before it picks up a new round of trades even with the power of auto compounding for the next 24hrs just repeating the same process over and over again to earn us even more and more profits.

You don’t have to do anything. It’s totally hands-free for you.

No monthly subscription

Trades are 100% automated

Deposits and withdrawals can be done in cryptocurrency (USDT TRC20 network)






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