Beyond Infinity’s Car Plan: How to Get Your Money Back While Driving Your Dream Car

Get Your Dream Car FREE – Courtesy of Beyond Infinity

If you want a luxury car or motorhome and deposit $1,500, your total out-of-pocket expense will be $1,550, and $1,240 will get you a profit share of 4% a week, which is $49.60. Divide that into $1,550, and you’ll get your money back in just 32 weeks. Your income won’t drop; it’ll keep flowing week after week. You also have the option to compound your income each week, rather than withdraw it. For example, if you compound your $208 profit share from a $250 deposit weekly at 3% for three years, you’ll have $759.38 when you collect your new car. If you compound your $1,240 deposit from a $1,500 deposit weekly at 4% for a year, you’ll have over $8,291 when you collect your new vehicle. This will cover the cost of insurance, too.

But where does the money come from to buy the car? It takes a year before you can collect your car because Beyond Infinity does not invest your deposit for you. Instead, they give you a share in their already made profits from their other businesses. We don’t have access to the actual figures, but we know that Beyond Infinity has been running profitable businesses for many years, and they have large funds invested in Forex Trading and similar portfolios. Hypothetically, if they put $40,000 into an investment that paid them 3% a week 10 years ago and withdrew $5,000 every month, the projection for 10 years is amazing. The initial investment was $40,000, and the projected amount is $16 billion.

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